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Carmichael, CA window replacement

Is Another Wood Window Replacement The Best Idea?

You might like the idea of wood windows. They’re beautiful, warm, and welcoming, right? However, if you have older wood windows on your home, you know Carmichael, CA window replacement is in your future and you have a decision to make—do you want to go with wood again? You might enjoy the aesthetics of the wood windows, but they can be a pain down the road. That pain is something other window materials can help you avoid. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Getting Over Wood

While wood windows have great insulating qualities, are beautiful, and can function well for a number of years, they also have problems that other windows (like vinyl) won’t. There could be rot happening in your old windows, for example. While getting new wood windows will take care of that issue, rot can happen again to new windows someday. Wood can also warp if moisture takes over it at some point, which makes it hard to open and close. That doesn’t happen to vinyl, either. And certain bugs like to eat wood, which can damage the windows and create drafts in your home. Those bugs don’t like vinyl.

Looking Into Options

If you’re tired of the things that can happen to wood, it’s good to at least look into other options. While wood is lovely, it has issues at times and you can avoid much of that with different materials. Keep in mind that wood is also a more expensive option so if you’re on a budget, getting something like vinyl can keep your budget in place while giving you the efficiency you need. When you compare wood and vinyl to one another, you might fall in love with the idea of vinyl. It comes in a variety of colors and any window style. It never has to be painted and has hardly any maintenance needs. And it starts with high insulating qualities and holds onto those qualities well into the future.

Making The Decision

If you like the idea of lower costs upfront and no maintenance time later as well as energy bills that will pay you back for your investment fast, switching over to vinyl could be the right option for you. Talk to your window professionals and weigh the pros and cons with care as you jump into the future for your home’s sake.

When you decide what direction you want to go in terms of materials for Carmichael, CA window replacement, contact the experts at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. for a free consultation. Call us at (916) 252-4100 and we’ll answer your questions about vinyl windows and your old wood windows and set up a time for you to speak to our professionals in person. You can stop by our showroom anytime at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 and have a look at the vinyl options. Once you see just how nice they look in person, you won’t look back.