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Lincoln, CA replacement windows

Ask For Replacement Windows As A Gift

Are you one of those people that has everything, or wants nothing? You’re a hard-to-buy for person. And there are a lot of holidays over the year that often call for gifts! Birthdays…Christmas…anniversaries and more. What can people get for you that you will actually use? Perhaps the one thing that you really want is Lincoln, CA replacement windows. How can someone get you a gift like that? Here are a few ideas: 


Ask For Monetary Donations 

Tell those who normally give you gifts that all you really want are replacement windows. Of course, the people who usually get things for you aren’t going to be able to afford a house full of windows as one simple gift. But they could give you the amount they would normally spend in money form. That way, you can place the donations in your savings account and more easily afford the replacement windows when you pick them out. 


Have People Buy One Window 

Depending on the cost of the windows you pick out, you could ask for your loved ones to buy one window each. Instead of flowers and a fancy dinner for your anniversary, ask your husband to buy you a window. Instead of a sweater from every family member at Christmas, have them go in together for a window. Just one window at a time gets you a long way eventually. Plus, once your home is full of new windows, it’s pretty special that the people you love bought them for you. 


Ask For Ideas 

Not everyone you know will be able to even donate money toward your project, but that doesn’t mean they can’t participate. Ask people to give you home improvement magazines instead of cards so you can look at windows and figure out what styles and colors you might enjoy on your home. You’ll want to get ideas in some way or another and this is a perfect way to involve more people in your ideal gift. 


The Gift That Keeps Giving 

Replacement windows are a marvelous gift that keep giving and giving for as long as you have them. When you get them installed, they’ll save energy for your entire home. That means less money into your bills and more in your monthly budget. Then, you can respond to the kind gifts you have gotten in kind by getting something special for those who gifted you with money towards your windows. 


If you’re ready to get started on your Lincoln, CA replacement window project, contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. by calling (916) 252-4100. We can help you figure out just what you want for your home so you know what each window will cost. That will give you a good chance to figure out how much you can ask each person in your life to give. It might take a little time to sort out the details and collect all you need, but it’s a worthwhile project to take on. Visit us at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825.



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