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replacement windows in Fair Oaks, CA

Benefits Of Replacement Windows For Every Season

You may already know that most of the energy you lose in your home goes through your windows and doors. It makes sense since that is the interruption to your wall space. While no one wants to lose energy, the leaks can be fixed. You’ll want to move forward with replacement windows in Fair Oaks, CA no matter what season of the year you notice drafts and the need for new windows. Don’t let the season deter you. Here are some of the benefits you can get from new windows any season of the year.  


Winter, you might think, is the worst time to get replacement windows because it is chilly outside, and you don’t want to let that into your house when the windows are removed. While that’s true, you are already letting that air in with leaky windows. It’s better to get new windows put in so you don’t have to deal with the drafts all winter long. If you get replacement windows early enough, you’ll enjoy further comfort and energy savings for the rest of the season.  


Once the winter chill fades away and temperatures warm up again, many people look to get replacement windows. The good part of doing it in the spring is that you can get ahead of the summer heat and be prepared for those hot days with a more energy efficient house.  


Summer is one of the busiest seasons for replacement windows because people notice their windows aren’t working properly and there are longer daylight hours for such projects. Warmer weather also helps caulk adhere to make your window seals as tight as possible. If you know you have bad windows, aim for the beginning of summer so you can enjoy the energy savings for as long as possible when the heat waves begin.  


While fall usually has pleasant temperatures, it’s a good time for window replacement. You are out of the summer rush of window installations and you’re ahead of the winter, so you won’t have a huge heating bill this year.  

The bottom line is, if your windows are failing, you should get new ones, no matter what season is it. Living in California gives you the benefit of mild weather most of the year, but even if the Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows become necessary at a less than ideal time of the year, it’s best to move forward with the project instead of ignoring it. When you are ready for the project, contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. by calling (916) 252-4100 with your questions. We can also come out to your home and give you advice as to whether or not you really need new windows or if a few repairs will get you through a few more seasons. You’re welcome to stop by and visit with us at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 to check out windows, look over ratings, or ask more questions about the installation process to prepare yourself. 



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