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Simpson’s line of interior and exterior wood doors includes a variety of options to choose from including French doors, and entry doors with matching sidelights and transoms.

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Simpson Doors showcases many different types of wood doors for your home or business. Whether you are looking for new doors or replacements, we have a wide range including French doors that allow more light into the room while still providing privacy, entry doors with matching sidelights, and transoms that give your visitors a more elegant first impression of your home.

We also offer pocket door systems for closets, pantries, or other tight spaces where standard swing-in doors are not ideal. Also available are kitchen cabinet doors, closet doors, and bathroom vanities that come ready to install with pre-painted, primed, or stained finishes.

Our showroom gives you many different possibilities when browsing through a selection of interior doors and exterior wood doors by Simpson door makers. Simpson doors also have a number of different options when it comes to exterior doors, offering an impressive selection that includes French doors, entry doors with matching sidelights, and transoms.


Questions about Simpson Doors

What is a Simpson Door, and how does it work?

Simpson Doors are a new generation of doors with greater durability and design flexibility. They have been engineered from the door’s outer shell all the way to its hardware for maximum energy efficiency while providing enhanced security, year-round durability, and lifetime warranty coverage on materials and workmanship.


How can I install a new door in my home?

The installation process is simple, and can typically be done by the homeowner. Most new doors arrive preassembled with all hardware included – no need to call in or wait weeks for contractors to complete the job. But if you prefer to have a professional installer come into your home, we may be able to recommend preferred contractors for your home improvement project.


Does Simpson make energy efficient entry doors?

Yes! Their line of interior doors includes Energy Star-rated wood doors that offer weathertight designs, low E glass options that keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter, contemporary design elements that complement any home’s aesthetic style, plus lifelong warranty coverage on materials and workmanship you can trust. Simpson doors are created using solid wood frames which not only make them durable but also help ensure they are energy efficient. Simpson doors are tested and rated to meet a variety of code requirements for today’s homes.


What are some of the benefits of Simpson Doors?

Simpson Doors are made from the highest quality wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. The best benefit of investing in high-quality doors is that they will provide a good seal against drafts and outside noise while also saving you energy dollars through their efficiency rating. They also come factory primed and ready for your paint or stain which makes them even easier to install in your home. Simpson doors will add more value to your home while making it more secure and energy efficient.


What is one of the most common features on a simpson door?

A big feature is available in beautiful design, hardware, glass or wood choices for you to choose from anywhere in the US.


How can I save money on door installation costs?

Our products are competitively priced so they won’t cost you more than any other brands.

The Window & Door Shop, Inc.  is your one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs. We offer more than just door replacement. We offer top of the line door products, so you won’t have to worry about your investment devaluing over time. Reach out to us today!

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The Window and Door Shop provides a very good selection of products to fit every one’s need. Diane was extremely helpful and provided excellent customer service. Window timelines and delivery dates were met. Thank you!

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