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Western Window Systems Sacramento, CA

Expansive Glass Windows Frame Enchanting Views

Windows are an important part of any space. They protect, add style, and can deliver amazing views. When you want to frame those views perfectly, consider expansive glass windows. These windows have narrow frames and offer even sight lines. They are the ideal pairing for contemporary architecture.

Expansive glass windows are also timeless delivering the maximum viewable glass. It’s more like walls of glass, rather than simply a window. When you want to accentuate the view, these windows will satisfy all your requirements.

How to Get the Look

We carry a variety of products that can capture this look. Elegant and effortless, you’ll love so many things about how expansive glass windows make your home and your view look. Seek out these attributes for modern windows:

  • Details: Choose a frame that is simple and well-built. There is nothing ornate about them. The thin frame is its striking difference.
  • Streamlined aesthetic: No matter what operating style you choose, even sight lines appear. Throughout the home, there’s the harmonious flow, with little to block the expansive glass and, of course, the view. You’ll notice the difference as compared to your old windows.
  • Still efficient: These windows certainly welcome in the sun. Yet, they are built to be energy efficient and won’t up your energy bill. In fact, most our expansive glass windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR® certification.

Consider Kolbe’s VistaLuxe® Collection.

The Kolbe VistaLuxe Collection has thin profiles with a wood interior and an extruded aluminum exterior. It has the look of steel—so modern and clean—but the durability of aluminum. Low-maintenance and high-quality, the modern and contemporary enthusiasts will be wowed by this collection.

Western Window Systems are the epitome of contemporary.

These are truly one-of-a-king windows that welcome a world of expansive glass and slim profiles. These aluminum windows perform beautifully, offering low-maintenance and durability.

Western Window Systems has three lines to choose from: Class, Performance, and Simulated Steel. Each is sophisticated and can help you pull off the expansive glass trend. Customizable to fit any space, you’ll love the way these windows complete a space.

Expansive glass windows continues to be a major design favorite. Reimagine windows by checking out these contemporary lines from some of the best window manufacturers in the country. If you’d like to learn more about these lines, get in touch today for you free quote.


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