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replacement windows in your Elk Grove, CA

How to Adjust Your Doors

What do you do if the doors or replacement windows on your Elk Grove, CA home are imbalanced?

A lot of doors are quite heavy. The weight can be from the door itself, insulation, security features, or added decorations like glass, or a big wreath. While these things are fun and often necessary, this weight can cause the door to lower on the non-hinge side, leaving the door off-balance and you with tons of difficulty opening or closing it. Luckily, it’s really quite simple to fix this issue. Use these steps to adjust your fiberglass replacement door:

  1. Identify the Issue – You first need to make sure that you have a weight and balance issue. Looks at the space between the doorframe and the top of the door. If you see that there is a bigger space opposite the hinge side, or that the space by the handle is tight and small, your door needs to be adjusted. You might also notice that the space near the top is tighter than the space near the bottom along the bottom of the handle-side of the door.
  2. Replace Screws – Start by removing the top hinge. Take out one of the center screws holding the door to the frame, and make sure it’s a shorter screw. These short screws hold the door to the frame and not the wall stud behind the frame. Replace these short screws with longer ones, maybe 4 inches, to pull the door back towards the wall and restore its balance.
  3. Check For Wiring – It’s a good idea to check for wiring along the stud before you install longer screws. Use a scanner to scan along the door to make sure that the longer screw doesn’t break or penetrate anything important.replacement windows on your Elk Grove CA 300x188
  4. Use Power Tools – You’ll have the most success adjusting your door if you use an electric powered screwdriver. An electric screwdriver is better than a regular one as it will make sure that the screw is securely fastened, so your door adjustment is permanent.
  5. Double Check – Once you’ve replaced the screws, check the spacing along the top, sides and bottom of the door to make sure they are all even. If not, go back and double-check that your screws are tightened all the way.

If your door is imbalanced beyond repair, it might be time to invest in new doors. After all, messing with your door can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Rather than worrying about hurting yourself or others by improperly installing the door, simply call a professional. This way you can get a new door and rest easy.

The Window and Door Shop, Inc. is here to help. We offer a wide range of Elk Grove, CA replacement window and door services, and would be happy to help you with your doors in any way we can. You can stop by our showroom to meet with us in person or to see some door options. You can also give us a call for more information on what we can do for you and your windows and doors.