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Granite Bay, CA replacement windows

Incentives For Replacement Windows

There are a number of reasons you might have in mind for getting Granite Bay, CA replacement windows, but there are also benefits you might not have thought about before. Tax credits could be one such reason, though it’s not going to be the only thing to cause you to work on a large home improvement project like this one. If you do replace your windows, you want to know that programs and rebates are in place so you can take advantage of them. Do your research and make sure the incentives are lined up in your favor. Talk to your window company as well to ensure whatever you purchase qualified you for the incentives that are out there for you to grab.

Energy Star Ratings Are Important

You probably know a little bit about Energy Star ratings and you may have purchased Energy Star certified appliances in the past. Pretty much every program that offers any type of incentive will require that you get replacement windows that are Energy Star rated. That gives you a good place to start in your search. The windows with the certification will have the logo on their label. You can also ask the window company which windows qualify you for the incentives you’re looking to grab. Keep in mind that not every window with that label is equal, either. They have variances in energy efficiency, so you’ll want to compare the labels closer to get the best option for your home.

Caulk And Weather-Stripping Credit

Some programs will give you credit for caulking and weather stripping your windows. Deteriorating weather stripping or caulk can cause drafty windows, which leads to more energy use and larger bills. If the caulk around the windows isn’t good any longer, it will let air in and out of your house. Whether you want more credit or not, it’s a good idea to check the caulk around your replacement windows regularly to save on heating and cooling costs. You will also more likely keep out water, pests, and other intruders that could breach your house.

Getting Affordable Replacement Windows

When you look at such a large home improvement project, it seems daunting, but there are affordable options on the market, especially if you look into vinyl replacement windows. Talk to the representatives at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. about your budget for Granite Bay, CA replacement windows and we can help you find an option you can afford and will help you get the results you want. You can call us at (916) 252-4100 for a free consultation with no obligation to make a purchase. You’re just on a fact-finding mission and we support you in getting the information you need to make the right decisions. We’ll lay out the options and help you examine the windows versus your budget and the incentives you want to grab at the same time. Visit us at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 to look over window labels in person.



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