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Interior Doors Elk Grove CA Replacement Windows

Why Interior Doors Are a Smart Upgrade

Interior doors redefine spaces with expressive and chic style. Don’t think of interior doors as something that’s just another functional part of the room. Interior doors are much more than purely functional. Yes, they offer privacy and can even reduce noise transmission, but they also offer an opportunity to bring a room together and add something unexpected. Interior doors are a budget-friendly way to reimagine and upgrade any room.

What’s Behind the Door?

The average home has 10 interior doors. Depending on what’s behind the door, interior doors have different purposes. Bathroom doors offer privacy and are typically solid core to reduce sound transmission. Interior doors that divide two rooms may be more creative. Consider how the use of barn doors acts as a barrier but also adds convenience and style.

Contemporary Charm

With a few purposeful lines, interior doors capture a simple, unique look. The smallest accents can add just enough style, creating a signature aesthetic. Take it to another level by adding prefinished colors because there’s no rule that interior doors have to be white or woodgrain.

Panels are also a way to illustrate a contemporary vibe. With multiple-panel configurations, you can also add glass. Clear or translucent glass inserts protect privacy as well as let light into the space. With multiple panel options, you can use the same door design throughout with different configurations for a consistent look.

Design Your Own Interior Doors

Customizing your own interior door is possible. We offer several lines that let you put the pieces together to build your perfect interior door. This design could use etched glass or a carved or etched appearance. Create specific details designed to be straight or curved, depending on the aesthetic you most desire.

Prefinished Woodgrain Is Always in Style

If you love the look of rich wood but don’t want the maintenance or costs, choose a prefinished woodgrain look. We offer an array of prefinished woodgrain interior doors that use a variety of processes to deliver a striking look.

Change Spaces Easily with New Doors

Now that you’ve considered the possibilities of interior door design, it’s time to get inspired. View our complete line of interior doors including brands like Masonite, TruStile, and Simpson doors. The Window & Door Shop is here to help you find interior doors that add both function and appeal.



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