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replacement windows in Rancho Cordova, CA

Last Minute Preparations For Replacement Windows

When you are getting replacement windows in Rancho Cordova, CA, you feel like you have been preparing for weeks. You know you want them badly and you can almost feel what your home will be like once they are installed. You’ve prepared in picking out just the right windows and dreaming about what they will be like. Once your installation date rolls around, it’s very exciting. You’re very close to having what you want and need for your home. However, there are a few last minute preparations you might want to do before the installers arrive.

Secure Your Pets

Pets can be very nervous when there are people they don’t know in the house. Plus, getting replacement windows isn’t a quiet job. Secure your pet in a room without windows, like maybe the laundry room. Or, better yet, take them to a neighbors so they can live in peace the whole day long.

Take Pictures Down

You didn’t want to pile the pictures up before you had to, but now that the installation is on the horizon, it’s time. Remove the pictures and artwork from the walls and stack them up on a bed or somewhere safe. You don’t want anything jarred that could break.

Remove Window Coverings

You don’t want to live without window coverings for very long. They’re how you maintain your privacy and light control. Take the window coverings down once the installation is coming very soon. They will need to be out of the way while the new windows go in and the old ones come out. If you are thinking about getting new coverings after the new windows are installed, it’s a great time for that project as well.

Cover Furniture

While it’s not imperative, there will be dust in the house and you might want to cover furniture and other items with tarps so you have less to dust later. There’s demolition involved with replacement windows and while installers will do the best they can to keep the mess to a minimum, dust will spread.

Clear Paths

If your family consistently has a shoe pile by the front door or there are always toys in the living room, you’ll want to clear those things away. It’s best to have a clear path from your front door to every window that will be replaced to make it easier for the installers.

When you are getting replacement windows in Rancho Cordova, CA, the installers might have specific things you will want to do to prepare for their arrival. You can do these things, of course, and they are likely recommended by the installer you are using. But you can also ask for anything else they think you should do before they get there so you are prepared to help things go smoothly. If you have questions about installation or other elements, contact the professionals at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. by calling (916) 252-4100 for details. You can also visit our showroom at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825.