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Rancho Cordova, California replacement windows

Making the Switch to Vinyl Windows

Making the switch to vinyl windows is easier than you think. If you’re in the market for Rancho Cordova, California replacement windows, then you should take a look at vinyl windows for your home. These types of windows are perfect for any style space and are not only durable and strong but virtually maintenance free.  

Rancho Cordova California replacement windows

Vinyl windows are made from components of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, the same material used in manufacturing plumbing pipes. These windows are scratch, dent, warp and swell proof and will look like-new for years to come. Vinyl windows are also more affordable than other windows. They’re priced to sell and offer so many benefits. For one, vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency. These windows will help lower the energy usage in your home and bring down your energy bills by 15% per year. They’ll also decrease the need for artificial light in your home. Vinyl windows are also made with sunlight in mind. Meaning, they are made with more glass and less frame material than windows that have been produced in the last few decades, which allows more room for sunlight to penetrate your home.  


These specially crafted windows will never require sanding, painting, sealing or any type of refurbishing. Vinyl windows were made to last and to help homeowners enjoy their home rather than constantly up-keeping it. These windows are wonderful for homeowners who may be disabled, physically impaired or elder homeowners who can’t maintain routine upkeep on their windows. They’re also great for homeowners who just don’t want to spend weekends on end maintaining their windows. Not everyone does. Some homeowners enjoy weekend home projects while other homeowners despise them. If you don’t like home projects or prefer not to devote your precious free time to fixing windows, then you’re in luck. With vinyl windows you won’t have to.  

Rancho Cordova, California replacement windows can be a hassle to shop for, but if you know what you’re looking for, they don’t have to be. Vinyl windows really take the hard work out of searching for the perfect window. They are easy to maintain, offer so many benefits, are affordable and help homeowners save money year-round by using them. There’s no better investment than the investment that saves you money. If you’re thinking of making the switch or you’re unsure of what windows are best for your home and budget then call The Window and Door Shop, Inc. today. For over 30 years we’ve been helping California residents with windows. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners make the switch over to vinyl windows and we’d love to help you and your family.  

Contact us today at (415) 282-4100 or visit us Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm at 185 Industrial St., San Francisco, CA 94124. Are you a Sacramento resident? Then call us at (916) 252-4100 or stop by in person at 1717 Bell St., Sacramento, CA 95825. Let The Window & Door Shop, Inc. find the best Rancho Cordova, California replacement windows for your home.  



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