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Modern Tuscan Style Fair Oaks CA Replacement Windows And Doors

Capture Modern Tuscan Style with Windows and Interior Doors

Looking for a Tuscan Style for Windows and Doors? A new way to look at the traditional Tuscan design is an emerging trend. It blends materials and walks the line between feminine and masculine. From simple to bold, the Modern Tuscan style is a favorite for those who like the balance between two dichotomies.

What is Tuscan Style?

Tuscan takes its roots from Italy, emphasizing details and intricacies. It’s long been associated with ornate design, rich colors, and dark woods. What makes Modern Tuscan different is the welcoming of new attributes. The dark wood stays in accents but is complemented by lighter wall colorings. Gone are the elaborate draperies, beaming natural light is welcomed into an open floor plan.

Modern Tuscan Window Options

The Modern Tuscan home has unique windows that again reiterate balance. Most homes that embody Tuscan style would included divided lites to look more charming. The modern perspective removes these in favor of even sight lines. What ties back to the origins of Tuscan is dark wood finishes on the interior.

Milgard clad-wood windows are an excellent choice for this trend. There are multiple choices for the interior woodgrain, and on the exterior, you’ll enjoy clad-wood windows with a prefinish to highlight your expansive glass windows.

The Modern Tuscan Interior Door

Interior doors are another great way to express Modern Tuscan style. With so many custom options now available, interior doors are becoming more of a design focus. A plain door would look out of place in a Modern Tuscan home.

Interior doors don’t have to be the same throughout, as long as you stick with a theme. Try a design that has a modern, horizontal pattern design. Accent these panels with frosted glass or metal accents to bring in both the Tuscan and modern characteristics.

Adding some white in with the dark wood panels is a way to create a nice feature piece. Using these doors as a two-panel barn door creates a door that is functional and beauty. Barn doors aren’t just for farmhouses. It all depends on the style of door.

For the largest selection of Tuscan Modern interior doors, we recommend TruStile. Their Tru&Modern collection is a broad, customizable line. This line features unique stacked rail designs for a modern interpretation on the interior door. You’ll love the clean, strong lines and bold accents.

Find Modern Tuscan Design at The Window & Door Shop

The Modern Tuscan look is easy to achieve. Windows and interior doors help move Tuscan into the 21st century. Along with Milgard windows and TruStile interior doors, we have a whole range of products that can meet this trend. Contact us today to learn more.