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Sliding Patio Doors Sacramento CA Replacement Windows And Doors

New Patio Doors: Sliding, Swinging, or Folding?

Adding a new deck or patio? Read this post to find the right patio doors for your home. Creating a seamless transition from interior to exterior continues to be a popular amenity. It’s an easy way to extend living space and offer spaces for entertaining. If you have such a space, new patio doors should be on your list.

Consider the Flow

If you are planning an outside living space makeover, then you’ll need to consider the flow between inside and outside. When choosing your new patio door, consider these aspects:

  • Traffic flow
  • Accessibility
  • Natural light
  • Fresh air
  • Privacy
  • Space considerations
  • Ease of use

Choosing Your New Patio Door

Let’s look at the different operating styles of patio doors.

Swinging vs. Sliding Patio Doors vs. Folding Doors

With a swinging door, clearance for the door to open is required. If it swings outward, then you’ll need to make sure that no furniture blocks the door. If it swings back into the interior, remember wall placement. When it is limited, but you like the idea of a swinging door, choose an option with one swinging door and one stationary panel.

Sliding doors typically have one stationary panel and one panel that slides horizontally. A standard sliding door offers less access but works well in tight spaces. A multi-sliding patio door offers a way to create a large, open space. Multi-sliding doors are available in up to six panels.

If you really want to open up the back of a home to the outside, folding doors deliver, as they open accordion-style. These folding wall systems open and close easily with ball bearings provide smooth operation. Folding patio doors are available in a variety of materials and configurations.

New Patio Door Materials

Different materials offer different styles, performance, and price advantages. Selecting the right material often depends on the climate and style of the home. Ask questions about how each material will fare in your environment.

Additionally, you’ll need to choose from glass options. A Low-E glass helps with energy efficiency. Textured glass lets light in but provides privacy.

Different materials require different maintenance as well. Work with The Window and Door Shop to determine what will perform well and look great.

Get started on your new patio door project by contacting us today to chat about your vision.



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