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Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows

Prep Your Home for Replacement Windows

Adding brand new Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows isn’t the biggest home improvement job out there, but it does require some preparation. You should take some time to prepare your home and your family for a window replacement to make sure the process is safe, smooth, and stress free for both you and the workers. There are four main steps you need to take to prepare your home for your new windows. They are:

  • Give Workers Full Access – The window contractors will need full access to the rooms and outdoor areas surrounding the new windows. They will be carrying out old windows, bringing in new ones, and working with large tools. Therefore, they need plenty of space. Get rid of anything that could block their way, and don’t forget to turn off any security systems.
  • Choose a Convenient Time: Think about you and your family’s daily routine, and how you use the parts of your home that will be taken out of commission during a window replacement. Try to schedule the replacement when it will least disrupt your routine, especially since it’s potentially dangerous to have children or pets around during the construction. For example, if your kids leave for school at 8am, don’t have the workers come at 7:30am.
  • Get Messy– While windows replacements might not make as big of a mess as other home improvement projects, you should expect a little mess leftover. Taking out old windows and installing replacement ones means lots of scraping, gluing, sanding, drywall patching and even painting, so you’re sure to see wet paint and dry paint as well as dust. Prepare for a bit of a mess, and that way you won’t be as stressed about it when it happens.
  • Clear the Area: There will be some debris, dust and dirt during and after the installation from removing the old windows, installing the new ones, and even from the outdoors before the new windows are installed. The contractors should do their best to be clean, but it’s still important to remove any furniture, valuables, or decoration items from the area surrounding the new windows. If you can’t move something, like a big couch or a built-in shelving unit, cover it up with a sheet or drop cloth to help protect it from the dust or dirt.Fair Oaks CA replacement windows 2 300x195

Your window replacement should only take a day or so but do speak with your contractor beforehand for an exact estimate as things like climate, weather, and number of windows can affect the length of installation.

Make your window replacement easier for everyone involved by taking some time to prepare. Follow these easy steps and you’re on your way to new windows. If you want to learn more about replacement windows in Fair Oaks, CA, contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. Visit us or give us a call for more information or to schedule a consultation so we can get started on finding the best possible windows for your home.