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Regular Window Maintenance Fair Oaks CA Replacement Windows And Doors

Regular Window Maintenance Tips

Whether your windows are new or old, there are many regular window maintenance activities you should be doing to ensure they perform as expected. By maintaining your windows, your windows will last longer and be more energy efficient, saving you money!

Windows are a huge investment and critical to the structure of your home. Let’s look at five quick tips you should know about regular window maintenance.

Inspect All Windows Annually

You should complete a thorough inspection of each window at least once a year.  You will be more likely to catch minor issues before they become major. When looking for leaks (do you feel air blowing in?), check for proper operation and that your hardware is working as it should.

Repair Caulking When Applicable

Not every window installation or material requires caulking, but if your windows do have caulking on the exterior, you need to check it out every few months. You are looking to see if the sealant has cracked or broken off. You may even find it completely gone. This break in the seal is what leads to drafts and water leaks. Pay close attention to the sealant at the bottom corners of windows and in between windows.

Check Your Finish

Depending on the type of window you have, the finish may be factory applied, in which case you shouldn’t experience cracking or peeling. However, depending on the quality, this can happen. It might be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty but most likely it will not be. UV rays can damage the finish if it’s not properly protected. For wood windows, you may find that the stain on the inside and outside is not holding up.

If you find that your finish is failing, check your warranty first. Then consult with a window expert on what to do next.

Keep Windows Clean

It seems like an obvious task, but many forget to clean their windows. Not only do you need to clean the glass and frame, but also the tracks so that they continue to open and close correctly.

You don’t want dirt and debris to build up in your window tracks. It will make the windows more prone to getting stuck, and it will make them look dirty and unattractive. Regularly cleaning away dirt and debris can prevent these problems.

Damaged Parts

If you find your windows have damaged parts like cracks, holes, or rusting, it may be too late to salvage them. Once your frame has deteriorated, the entire integrity of the window is compromised. In these cases, it’s time to consider window replacement. It’s an investment worth making, as it will enhance curb appeal and save you money on energy bills.

Regular window maintenance is a smart idea no matter what material your windows of made of. Keeping an eye on the condition of your windows can help mitigate any issues quickly. However, if during your inspection, you find substantial damage, then contact your local northern California window replacement company, The Window and Door Shop. We’ll help you find the right windows for your home to last for many years to come.