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Elk Grove, CA replacement windows

Replacement Window and Door Types

Home improvement shows, Pinterest and more have opened up a whole new world of options for homeowners looking to update their houses. All this easily accessible information can lead to creative ideas, but sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. If you’re shopping for Elk Grove, CA replacement windows and doors, think about choosing one of the following basic, and popular, types:

  1. Sliding – Sliding replacement windows and doors are classics for a reason. These doors and windows open horizontally along upper or lower tracks with minimal effort on your part. Large glass panels also give you beautifully open views of the outdoors. Feel free to customize your sliding windows and doors with colors, grids and sizes, as well as with weatherproof seals, glass and frames.
  2. Single and Double Hung – Single and double hung windows are the most common choice for homeowners all over the country. Built in bottom and top sashes make hung windows incredibly easy to maintain. A simple tilt of the sash opens the window for easy cleaning and fresh air.
  3. Picture and Custom – Picture windows are easily built in any shape or size to suit your preferences. You can also choose to add insulated glass for extra energy efficiency.
  4. Garden Windows – Garden replacement windows are curved outward and offer lovely outdoor views and a tasteful accent to any space. Go with a garden window for your kitchen or living room to make a reading or breakfast nook.
  5. Pocket Doors – Pocket doors slide in and out of a pocket hidden inside the surrounding wall, so they seem to disappear when open. Pocket doors can be purchased as single doors and double doors.
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  6. French Doors – French doors are a dramatic way to add personality to your home while staying rooted in tradition. These doors are held on hinges set up on each side of the middle opening, and they swing away from each other to open the center doorway. When both doors are opened, they provide an unblocked view of the outside or other room.
  7. Bay Windows – Bay windows dramatically curve outward, creating a fishbowl of glass on the outside of your home. They are casual and charming for any room in your house but are most commonly used in the kitchen or front sitting room.
  8. Hinged Doors – Hinged doors, or passage doors, are what comes to mind when people think of doors. One side of the door is attached to hinges, and the other side swings in or out to open the doorway.


There are almost unlimited options when it comes to windows and doors. Use the above list to get you started on finding the very best replacement windows and doors for your Elk Grove, CA home. The Window and Door Shop, Inc. can help you choose from this list, or help you get more creative with an unusual option. Visit us today or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and your replacement windows.