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Sacramento, CA replacement windows

What To Do When The Replacement Window Breaks

Accidents happen on a daily basis. You never know when something is going to hit your Sacramento, CA replacement windows and crack the pane. It’s certainly never going to be at a convenient time. Is there such a thing as a good time for a window to break? Windows often break because of errant balls, heavy storms, tree branches, and many other reasons. What should you do about the issue if it happens to you?

Assess The Cause

If your replacement window has a broken window pane because of a storm or another reason that could merit an insurance claim, contact your agent about the damage before you get it fixed. They might want to see pictures or come to your home to take a look at the damage. If you end up needing another replacement window because of the broken pane, insurance could cover the costs, depending on the cause. If someone broke into your home, you’ll want to leave the window as is until police are through looking things over. If the window is just cracked, you can put duct tape over the cracks to keep things in place until the window company can replace the panes. If there’s a hole in the window, cover it with cardboard or something else sturdy and tape it on to keep the elements out for now. Be careful in that room as there may be tiny bits of glass on the floor that you can’t see with the naked eye. Avoid being barefoot in that area for quite some time.

Broken Mechanics

Glass isn’t the only thing that can break on replacement windows. Sometimes, there’s a malfunction with the hardware or other mechanics. If that happens, contact your window company and see what the warranty can do for you. Most manufacturers give you decent coverage on your windows if anything goes wrong right away. Reputable window companies will also have you covered with a warranty if there’s a problem due to the installation process. You basically have double coverage, which is just what you want in this case since you never know what could go wrong. The window company can come out and let you know if you need a new replacement window or just a small repair. Either way, if the window is new enough, you should be covered.

Just because you have a broken piece of hardware or a broken window pane doesn’t mean you’ll definitely need a replacement window. You may be able to get by with a repair. Contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. for expert advice at (916) 252-4100. We can come to your home, assess the damage, and give you a professional opinion as to what you should do with your Sacramento, CA replacement windows at this time. We won’t recommend replacement unless it’s what we would do on our own home. The same goes for repairs. Stop by and tell us about your window issue at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825



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