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replacement windows in Folsom, CA

Replacement Windows Protect Homes

There are a number of things you do to protect your home. You have locks on the windows and doors, for example. And you do things like paint the siding so it doesn’t peel and allow water to penetrate your home. You may have an alarm system, motion lights, and other things. What about replacement windows in Folsom, CA? They are great protection for a home. Here are just a few ways replacement windows protect on house: 


Prevent Noise Pollution 

If you get aggravated that you can’t relax at home because of how noisy it is outside, replacement windows can help you with that issue. Whether you have loud neighbors, barking dogs nearby, a freeway or airport or something else that bugs you, new windows can block the noise out. Windows come with double pane glass today, at the very least. If you get triple pane, that’s even more insulation against the noise. And there are other elements you can add to the windows to get an even greater reduction in noise. 


Prevent Sun Damage 

Since you know what the California sun does to your skin when you are out in it too long, you wear sun screen. But what does it do to your home when you leave the windows clear of window coverings? Things start to fade, right? You might have to replace flooring, furniture and other items because the sun has faded them over the years. When you get new windows with low-E coatings on them, it’s like sunscreen for your home. The coating reflects heat and blocks UV rays. There’s no more fading to worry about and your home remains more comfortable at the same time. 


Prevents Energy Sucking 

You’d like for your home to be as energy efficient as possible, but how do you go about doing that? Get new windows and you can protect your home from using too much energy. Energy efficiency is what happens when you have new windows that seal your home. They don’t leak air in or out and that allows you to keep your energy in, where you’re actually using it. That will show up on your energy bills in a positive manner. Everyone likes to see their bills go down instead of up. 


If you’re interested in Folsom, CA replacement windows, these are just a few of the many ways those windows will work to protect your home. They’ll be stronger as well so they’re harder to break and to break through. The new technology in the locks is virtually impenetrable so you’ll feel safer from intruders as well. When you’re ready to move forward, contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. by calling (916) 252-4100. You can ask questions about how new windows protect homes or come see the window options in person at our showroom. We’re located at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 and we’re happy to show you around or let you explore on your own. We’re here to help with free consultations and no obligations. 



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