Steps to Replacing Your Patio Door

Has your patio door seen better days? Patio doors put up with a lot of wear and tear; some hold up better than others. Replacing your patio door is probably a good idea if your existing one is warped, rotted, peeling, or doesn’t close properly. While you may think you’ll just install a new door that’s the same as your current one, why not see what the options are so you add function and beauty to your inside and outside.

Critical Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Patio Door

There are many different aspects that go into choosing a new patio door. You have both practical and aesthetic considerations. There’s also your budget and timeline. Let’s look at the key steps you should take to find the right patio door.

Design Should Be on Your Mind

The design of your new patio door should be top of mind. First, you have to think that the patio door will be a focal point for the interior space. This is even truer when you consider multi-panel patio doors. You need to be sure that it meshes well with the interior as well as the exterior.

Then there is the functionality. You have to be aware of what kind of room you have to work with, as some doors need more space like inswing or outswing doors. If you have limited room, then you probably need a sliding door. A bi-fold door requires a bit more room than a sliding door but is still a good choice when space is tight.

Beyond the door type, there are many other elements of design that allow you to customize patio doors. You can choose finishes, grille patterns, and hardware to make it your own.

How Will Your New Patio Door Complement Your Outside Living Space?

Patio doors are just as important on the exterior so when shopping for one, consider how it will fit into your outdoor living space. Again, you’ll want to think about space limitations. If the patio door leads to a small porch or balcony, then you may want to opt for a sliding door.

If your outdoor space is grander and it offers a lovely view, then contemplate a larger scale door that is a welcoming entrance into your backyard oasis. A multi-panel door also lets in more natural light and is a big trend in patio doors, with many new products now available to achieve this look.

Energy-Efficiency Matters, Too

Along with the design and function of the door, you should also be aware of your energy-efficiency patio door options. After all, a door can take up a large part of a wall, so there is concern about UV rays coming in as well as drafts. Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass patio doors all have excellent insulating properties. For the glass, you should look into performance options. Performance glass is often coated and is known as Low-E (Emissivity) which helps block and reflect harmful UV rays. Gases such as argon can also be placed between the panes of gas, which also helps with energy-efficiency.

Replacing your patio door doesn’t have to be complicated, especially not when you work with the professionals at The Window and Door Shop, your local Sacramento patio door replacement dealer. Come visit our showroom today to experience our many patio door options.