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Sacramento Housing Prices Rising—How to Add Value with New Windows and Doors

After several months of low sales numbers, Sacramento housing prices are rebounding. Some of this can be attributed to the lull of winter and the beginning of spring. Compared to spring 2018, sales of new homes are up in Sacramento county. Most experts agree the market right now is stable. So, does this mean it’s time for you to sell? If it is the right time, have you considered how you can add value with new windows and doors?

What’s the ROI on Renovations?

In a market that hasn’t seen a huge uptick in the median home price, giving your home the best upgrades could increase your final sales price. When thinking about sprucing up your home’s curb appeal, it’s important to understand what has a significant ROI. For that data, let’s take a look at the cost vs value report from Remodeling Magazine:

  • Expect to recoup about 85% for a fiberglass front door replacement
  • Window replacement is also favorable at 81.5% for vinyl windows and 83.4% for wood windows

While many homeowners simply only focus on interior upgrades, the report shows that kitchen remodels or master suite additions offer a much lower ROI. The advantages to installing new doors and windows are more than just aesthetic as well. By choosing high-quality products, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and ensure that all these necessary parts function as they should.

Choosing New Windows and Doors

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In the world of windows and doors, there are lots of options. You’ll want to consider materials, operating styles, and appearance.

Window Materials

  • Aluminum: the ultimate contemporary material for expansive windows and patio doors
  • Clad-Wood: enjoy a wood interior with an extruded aluminum exterior protecting it from the elements
  • Fiberglass: dependable, beautiful and little maintenance required
  • Vinyl: budget-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Wood: unique and sophisticated for a truly custom look

Window Operating Styles

Depending on how many windows you’ll be replacing, you may need to select several operating styles. The most used types are single- or double-hung windows. But you can also use sliding windows, casement windows, or awning windows.

Window Aesthetics

Much of the appearance of a window, and whether it’s traditional or modern, stems from the material you choose. You can also customize windows with colors, hardware, grilles, and more to make them ideal for your home’s architecture.

Door Materials and Types

For entry doors, we recommend either fiberglass doors or wood doors. Fiberglass is durable and beautiful; it can even replicate the look of wood. Wood doors are timeless and can include just about any kind of design.

You may also be looking at replacing patio doors. Once again, the options are plentiful with sliding, swinging, or folding. What you select will depend on the space you have and the flow of your interior. We’re huge fans of the multi-slide doors that can completely open up your home to natural light and expansive views.

Door Design

Add some personality to your entry door with a bold finish, decorative glass, or other accents. Increasing the value of your home with a new door means you shouldn’t just get something cookie cutter. Remember, you are likely to get a significant part of your investment back, so be creative.

If you are in the market for new windows and doors for your Sacramento home, The Window and Door Shop would love to help you find exactly what you want to add value to your property. Contact us today or visit our show room today.