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How to Create an Open Concept Home with Windows

Styles and trends often fade away in the fashion and beauty world, however, when it comes to homes and interior design, fads and trends don’t really have a place. One style that most homeowners are over the moon for, and rightfully so, is open concept homes. What homeowners know about open concept homes is that Folsom, […]

The Best Windows in California

Looking to install top of the line windows in your home? Looking for the best windows in California? You’re in luck! The Window and Door Shop, Inc. sells top-of-the-line windows that will turn your home into the dream house you’ve always wanted. No more looking at cracked, damaged, broken or severely outdated windows that are […]

Milgard Windows

Unsure about which vinyl window brand is the best? No problem! The Window and Door Shop, Inc. can help narrow down some of the best vinyl window brands in the U.S. and Canada. One of our favorite brands is Milgard. Milgard windows are one of the best window brands in the industry. They offer so […]

No Skating Around a Replacement

Replacement windows can be costly; there’s no doubt about it. They’re an investment that you may not have budgeted or planned for. One day you think your window is fine and another day you have to shell out a large investment. Unfortunately, these things happen and they always seem to happen at the worst times. […]

Bay or Bow: You Decide

Having trouble deciding on which window is best for your home? Thinking about bay or bow windows? Or maybe about purchasing vinyl windows? Then look no further! We’re here to share some information on your window choices that can help you decide. Bay Windows Bay windows look gorgeous in any home. There’s no denying these […]

Windows and the Home

What makes Folsom, California so different than the other towns in California? Many things of course, but have you ever taken a deeper look at the community? Homeowners truly pride themselves in taking care of their properties and making their homes a place that they can really be proud of. By choosing the right doors, […]

What to Know About Vinyl Windows

Thinking of purchasing vinyl frames? You’ve come to the right place! Vinyl frames not only look gorgeous, but they are very affordable…not to mention durable and reliable. Vinyl windows are like no other material and can stand up to harsh weather and sun rays as well. The Window and Door Shop, Inc. recommends installing replacement […]

The Endless Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Why are vinyl windows beneficial? The answer is…for almost endless reasons! Vinyl windows pack a punch in their small frames. Vinyl is made of components of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, and is known to be very strong and durable. Polyvinyl chloride is also used to make plumbing pipes, which means this material can […]

How to Know if Your Window Really Needs to be Replaced

We’ve all been there. Something seems sort of broken or damaged but you’re not sure if it actually needs to be replaced, fixed or left alone. Maybe this has happened with your car. Sometimes things can be left for a little while before needing to be fixed. However, if it’s something major like engine, tire, […]

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