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replacement windows in Eldorado Hills, CA

What Do You Versus Your Neighbor Need In Replacement Windows? 

If you decide to grab a cup of coffee with your neighbor at your favorite corner coffee shop, what do you get? Perhaps you want a coffee, plain and black, while they order something fancy with a lot of directions in it. You both want coffee, but your personalities and preferences dictate the different ways you take it. The same can be said about replacement windows in Eldorado Hills, CA. Even if someone on your street also needs new windows, they could end up with something completely different than what you get. Here are some of the differences that might stand out.


The Home’s Position On The Street 

Is your home in the full sun? But there are large trees down the street that shade houses from direct sunlight? That means that you might consider low-E coatings on your new windows so you can block out the heat of the sun and the UV rays that fade items inside. Your neighbors might not really need that upgrade because they don’t get a lot of direct sunlight. The exact situation of your home will dictate some things on your windows and those things may be different for others on your street.


Your Specific Goals 

If it’s your goal to make your home as energy efficient as possible, you may go for as many upgrades as you can afford. Down the street, your neighbor might be planning to move in a few years and they just want to get windows that perform well enough and look nice at the same time. The goals you have for your home could be completely different than someone else’s goals for theirs, which could dictate differences in the windows you get.


Varied Preferences 

Have you always liked the classic appeal of white on a home? It goes with any color and looks fresh no matter what you might paint around it later. Maybe your neighbor has a light-colored home and likes the idea of a stark contrast, which they could get with black. You might like casement windows for their style while someone down the street prefers double hung. Opinions and preferences vary quite a bit and what you like could have a large influence on how your windows turn out.


Every home is unique and every homeowner, even more so. When you need replacement windows in Eldorado Hills, CA, don’t feel like you have to get the exact same thing other people on your street have just because it works for them. You need to figure out what’s right for both you and your home. Don’t forget your budget, either! Contact the professionals at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. To get the guidance you need to make your way through the process. You can call us at (916) 252-4100 and we can start getting to know your goals and preferences to help you move forward. You can also visit our showroom for ideas and options at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825.