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Why Do I Need Locks on My Replacement Windows?

You obviously want to keep your family, home, and belongings as safe as possible, so you install cameras, big deadbolts on your doors, and maybe even a security system. However, did you know that simply adding the right locks to your Sacramento, CA replacement windows can make your more exponentially safer?

Most homeowners forget about window locks, thinking them trivial or a waste of time. Having locks on your windows is vital to your home security. Window locks might seem trivial. After all, if an intruder wanted to get in, couldn’t he just break the window or use the door? Any intruder wants to get in and out of a home without being detected.

Breaking window glass is an easy way to draw attention. The same goes for walking up to the door and breaking in. The majority of intruders will want to enter the home from a secluded, less visible side window. If the window has a bad lock, the intruder will have easy access to your home. Window locks are important because they might deter an intruder completely, or at least delay him until someone calls the police, or until the police arrive.

Your goal is to make it as hard as possible for someone to break into your home, so even if that weren’t true, a window lock would still help. All the windows in your house don’t need locks, but it couldn’t hurt. If your budget is smaller and you can’t afford to put high quality locks on all your windows, focus on the important ones first. The windows that really matter are the ones that can be easily accessed from the outside like those on the first floor, or those by a trellis, roof ledge, or even wall. Don’t forget about your basement windows, either.Sacramento CA replacement windows 300x194

If you want to be doubly sure your windows are secure, put a lock on every window that a person could fit through. This can also be helpful if you have children in the house, as locks can help make sure the children don’t accidentally fall through the window.

Once you know how many locks you need, you need to make sure you buy quality locks. The American National Standard Institute has a system for grading locks to help consumers choose the best ones for their homes. Grade 1 is the highest ranking for residential locks. These locks are very difficult to break into and safest for your family, but are also the most expensive. Grade 2 is intermediate locks. These locks are the most common as they are safe but aren’t as expensive as grade 1 locks. Grade 3 is made up of basic locks. A Grade 3 lock is a good option for use in conjunction with locks in grades 1 and 2.

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