Why We Don’t Offer Installation?

For the majority of the 12 years we have been in Sacramento and its surrounding areas, we have offered installation.  More often than not, the projects we worked on were for clients who were working with their own contractors/installers.  However, even though we were not providing installation services for those projects, our product-only pricing still had to include the overhead cost of maintaining an installation crew (labor, vehicles, tools, workman’s comp, etc.).  After much deliberation, we decided to forego the offering of installation altogether, so that we could keep our product pricing competitive for all customers.

While we do not offer installation, we maintain great relationships with many of our contractor clients, who we may be able to refer out.  However, since most of them are booked through the year, at this time, we can only offer referrals for Entry, Patio, and Scenic Exterior doors, as well as, Whole House Remodels, or New Construction projects.