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Carmichael, CA window replacement

What Are Your Window Replacement Questions?

Most homeowners have never replaced the windows on their house so when the time comes to take the project on, they have a lot of questions. Carmichael, CA window replacement is a big project and no one wants to enter into it lightly. Here are some of the questions you’ll likely have as you approach the process for your home.  

Do I Need To Be Home? 

Once you get past all of the window decisions and you’ve chosen the frame style, color, and material, you’ll have to set up an installation. It’s always best to have professionals install your windows so you can ensure they will work correctly, and perform as promised. Window replacement installation only takes a day or two (or half an hour per window), depending on how many windows you have to have replaced. While you may prefer to just get out of the house and away from the mess and noise, it’s nice to have you there, just in case. If any questions arise or the installers find structural damage that needs to be fixed first, it’s best to have you on hand for those occasions. If nothing else, you can ensure things are being done right with your presence.  

Are There Preparations Needed? 

You may feel like all you’ve done up to the installation is preparation, and it is. You’ve done your research on ratings so you could choose quality windows. You looked around and examined colors and styles. Once you finally chose the windows and all of their specifications, you want to be done. You’re almost there, but there are a few things left that you’ll want to do before the installation takes place. These items are to help the installation move along quickly and to protect your home even further. You’ll want to take down window coverings, for example, and any pictures on the walls that have windows in them. You’ll want to move furniture away from those walls and clear a path from the doorway to all windows. These little preparations can help a lot when the installation day comes.  

Will Installers Clean Up? 

Window replacement will stir up and create a lot of dust and installers will clean the areas around the windows so there aren’t huge chunks left behind. However, there will be dust in other parts of the house and you’ll probably want to do some dusting to get rid of that soon after they leave. Don’t plan to have a family gathering the day after and the residue can be taken care of quickly.  

If you want to have window replacement in Carmichael, CA done, you’ll probably have a lot of other questions about the installation process. The experts at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. can answer them all. Just give us a call at (916) 252-4100 and ask whatever you’d like. We’re also here to show you the windows we carry. Our showroom is located at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 and we’re happy to show you around. 



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